The Book

The Business Manual is the culmination of over 20 years experience building and running businesses and is written in plain language to help the young or new entrepreneur avoid the common pitfalls that befall most of us.

Why isn’t this information taught in business school? Simply, business school exists for general information. Schools do not anticipate the biggest problems of a small business operator such as when your landlord does something illegal, when your staff all quits at the same time, or when your bookkeeper forgets to pay your business taxes for a year. The Business Manual is designed to preemptively structure your business (and your habits) so that you don’t run into these kind of problems. It explains clearly why certain things must be done a certain way. It’s easy to read and offers the support and direct advice that a top mentor would give you he/she were along side you every step of the way.

My goal in writing The Business Manual was to make sure you beat the odds and survive your first five years of business, and prosper along the way.

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